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Property Inventory

On the first day that you move into your property you will be met by one of our representatives for your “Property Induction” and at this point we will ask you to sign various inventories for cleaning, lamps in lighting points, all keys to the property, fire extinguishers, fire blanket, carbon monoxide detectors, operating and maintenance manual, wheelie bins and that the property is free of disrepair.

We carry out these inventory checks at no extra cost to you the tenant as we include this cost in your application administration fee. We will only charge for a “Check out Inventory” if there is dilapidation at your property at the end of your tenancy which requires us to produce an inventory to show the dilapidation. If a check out inventory is required the cost will be £100 in total and will be deducted from your tenancy deposit.

There can however be times when a comprehensive survey inventory is required that covers in detail every aspect of the property. An example of this would be if you were to keep a pet dog or cat and sometimes the tenant themselves request these comprehensive survey inventories for their own piece of mind.

We tend to use independent property inventory clerks for these comprehensive survey inventories as they can remain impartial when preparing the report. These independent property inventory clerks will charge a fee for each ‘check in’ inventory and each ‘check out’ inventory. The fee will be dependent upon the size of the property and other factors.

The tenant will be required to pay the cost for these ‘check in and check out’ report. Any inventory clerk can be chosen provided that they are a member of the association of independent property clerks.

We have already established contact with a professional inventory clerk and you can contact them on www.nlainventories.org.uk/pricing.php

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