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The following tenancy set up charges could be charged depending upon the chosen property and the tenant’s circumstances.

1)    Application Fee: We make a charge of £100.00 per person on the tenancy agreement. This fee is charged to cover the administration process of:-

a) Taking/checking tenant and guarantor references where necessary.
b) Carrying out credit checks for tenant and guarantor where necessary.
c) Taking Guarantor forms where necessary.
d) Checking your immigration residency status under the “Right to Rent England” legislation.
e) Taking and administering a deposit where necessary.
f) Completion of pre-let paperwork from application forms to Tenancy Agreements.
g) Meeting the tenants at the property on the first day they move in their house to give them a full “booking in” and induction.

2)     Deposits: We require a deposit of £300.00 per person in addition to the £100.00 administration fee.

3)  Inventories: The landlord does not charge for a “Check In Inventory” we will only charge for a “Check out Inventory” if there is a dilapidation at your property at the end of your tenancy which requires us to produce an inventory to show the dilapidation. If a check out inventory is required the cost will be £100 in total and will be deducted from your tenancy deposit.

If an independent inventory clerk has to be employed where a more extensive and comprehensive inventory is required for example due to having a pet animal at the property or simply if the tenant requests this, then the tenant will meet the cost of the check in and check out inventory report. The charge for the inventory report will be the cost that the independent inventory clerk charges.

4)    For student properties only! We charge a £100.00 ‘set up purchase fee’ to cover our costs of providing the student tenant with a cleaning pack for their property. This purchase fee is 100% refunded back to the tenant as a cash back option if the tenant agrees to purchase their own cleaning pack with the cashback).

5)   Rent Guarantee Insurance Policy: The landlord may make a charge to the tenant to cover the cost of purchasing a ‘Rent Guarantee insurance Policy’ where references, guarantors and credit checks are not satisfactory. The price for this insurance will be different for each tenant and will be dependent upon their tenancy and how much the rent is.

6)   If the tenant will want to keep a pet animal at the property then the landlord may require an additional deposit.

Please refer to our tenancy agreement, which also lists tenancy charges that could be incurred during your tenancy.

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