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Lost Keys Information and Guide

Ok so you have lost or forgot to take your keys out with you and are now locked out of your property. What to do!

Please telephone our out of hour’s response staff:

BRIAN on his mobile 07920 067 900

If the phone is not answered on the first call then please leave a full message with your full name, house address and contact telephone number. Please speak SLOWLY and CLEARLY!

Call outs Monday – Friday (office/work hours)       8am – 4pm                      =    £15.00
Call outs Monday – Friday Between hours             4pm – 6pm                       =    £20.00
Call outs Monday – Friday Between hours             6pm – 10pm                     =    £30.00
Call outs Monday – Friday Between hours             10pm – 8am (Next day)   =    £60.00

Calls out Saturday Between hours                          10am – 6pm                    =    £30.00
Calls out Saturday Between hours                          6 pm – 10am (Sunday)   =    £60.00

Call outs Sunday Between hours                            10am – 6pm                     =      £30.00
Call outs Sunday Between hours                            6pm –  8am (Monday)      =    £60.00

*All Bank holidays will be treated as Sunday prices.

*You may also be required to pay for a taxi fare for the call out contractor if they are unable to drive. Please check beforehand with the call out contractor.

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